Welp, this is something you don't see every day. A town in Missouri is known to have the World's Largest Goose named Maxie.

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You will find Maxis in Sumner, Missouri(the Wild Goose Capital of the World) where she has been placed since 1974. Maxie is a 40-foot tall and wing span of 62 feet sculpture of a goose that has set the small town of Sumner on the map. Kansas City sculptor David Jackson created Maxie, which was backed by the Missouri governor to be put together at the time.

David Jackson built Maxie with fiberglass skin over metal mesh over a steel skeleton, and the entire bird weighed nearly three tons.

Maxie has been recently restored after years for staying to rust and decay. With the help of Jasckon's daughters funds were raised to bring the goose back to life so many more can see the massive large goose. Especially in the fall for the Summer Wild Goose Festival which is held every October.

Maxie even has her own Facebook page for fans to follow and see what's going on with her. Sumner is an extremely small town in Missouri with a population of about 100, but with the help of Maxie's giant presence in the town each year, hundreds visit the tiny town of Sumner.

Geese are not my favorite animal, to be honest, I am terrified of them. It might have to do that I was bitten by one when I was a kid and ever since then I have been afraid of these birds. At least with Maxie you know she's not gonna bite, and you can take as many photos with her as you want.

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