Foodies get ready to have one of your life's best holiday food experiences.

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In the heart of Wrigleyville located at Almost Home Tavern & Grill, you will find the Home Alone-themed pop-up restaurant. There you will find treats and treasures related to the Home Alone movie. Such as The Little Nero's Pizza, Wet Bandit bars (Oreo Rice Krispy Treats), Uncle Franks Coco (Rumple Minze, Hot Chocolate, and whipped cream), and try a Loned Fashion (Crown royal regal apple, bullet bourbon, Cinnamon Bitters, Cinnamon Stick).

This pop-up-themed restaurant is open now until January 7 so you do have some time to make your way to Chicago to experience the restaurants. Also, Marv and Harry are on the loose so be on the lookout. This is not for kids, but any adults who grew up with Home Alone on every holiday (let's face it, this movie is still on every holiday in most homes) will be able to appreciate this pop-up restaurant.

I wonder if the restaurant does trivia nights or other Home Alone special nights that will challenge true Home Aloiners on the movie and how much they know. Macaulay Culkin just received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was honored by Catherine O'Hara who played his mom in the movie.

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