This is one of those times when you shake your head wondering why these two landmarks land on a list like this.

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I have been doing some research lately trying to figure out where we will be going on spring break and that is when I came across this article by Travel.Alot. They claim that the Missouri Botanical Garden and The Gaetway Arch are not worth visiting.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Kew Orchid Festival Celebrates Madagascar
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Have these experts even been to the Missouri Botanical Garden? This place is absolutely beautiful in every way. Yes, you do have to pay, but even that doesn't stop my family and me from visiting this place in the past. Just walking through all of the different flowers and the smells (some good and bad) is just a peaceful place to think and relax. They say,

The Missouri Botanical Garden contains more plant species than your aunt has casserole dishes. It's like Epcot for plants, taking you on a botanical global tour without ever leaving St. Louis.

Midwest Rivers Crest At Near Record Levels
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I will admit, this isn't an I have to go see the arch every time I am in a St. Louis landmark. However, I would suggest every few years that you take a sneak peek especially if you haven't been back since the renovation of its museum and the grounds around The Arch. Travel.Alot says,

The St. Louis' Gateway Arch, a metal smiley face with an identity crisis. It's like the world's largest paperclip attempting to convince you it's a must-see wonder. It's the kind of attraction that makes you wonder whether you happened upon a giant dentist's logo.

These may not be the greatest of all-time places to visit for some people, but I know that the people of Missouri, especially St. Louis are pretty proud of both landmarks.

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