Oreos announced two new flavors. This comes after a contest where you could submit new flavor ideas, and if they choose yours, they'll give you $500,000. So.. Nabisco... I expect my $500,000 any day now. I'll take cash if you want. You can meet me at my bank. We'll just drop it in, call it a day. Or call me up, we'll do a wire transfer. However you want to give me the money you owe me.

See they announced they'll do a PB&J Oreo (which was my idea, MONEY PLEASE!) and a Cookie Butter. This is coupled with the Firecracker, Red Velvet and Jelly Donut flavors they've already released this year.

Jelly Donut Oreo
Ben Braun

The cookie butter caught Sam and me off guard. We had never heard of this. We didn't know what it was. We both kind of thought it was butter that was specifically processed to be used to make cookies. Like... it was creamier or something. I don't know. Your mind comes up with all sorts of justifications for things you've never heard of. Like when the Ancient Greeks thought Helios drove a flaming chariot across the sky and that was the rising and setting sun.

Anyway, as soon as my shift was over, I popped over to the local market to find some of this Cookie Butter. Sam and I tried, and even got the jump on Oreo on the whole Cookie Butter Oreo thing since Nabisco will probably never pay me that $500,000 they owe me.


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