Oreo just released their new limited edition flavor, Firework Oreos, Oreos with Pop-Rocks style sprinkles in the cream. But that's not all they announced. They're holding a contest for their next limited edition flavor. If they use your suggestion, you'll win $500,000. And you'll get bragging rights. They've already done Peanut Butter a bunch, and they've done fruitier flavors (they just recently had strawberry), so I tossed out a PB&J Oreo suggestion.

But what if we had signature Oreos specifically crafted for both Quincy and Hannibal. They each get their own. You had to think about what would taste good in that sugary cream, and what would taste good with chocolate. Once I took all of that into consideration, it was actually an easy decision.

Quincy's Dogwood Berry Oreo

Maybe I just have Dogwood on the brain because we just had the Dogwood Festival, but that's exactly why it should be the Dogwood Berry that is the Quincy Oreo flavor. Now, Dogwood berries range in taste from tart and bitter for the Dogwood variety native to North America, to actually quite sweet and delectable, for the Asian species of Dogwood. If we can get the sweet kind, I say we go for that.

Hannibal's Huckleberry Oreo

This one actually took some pondering, and big ups to our Account Executive Reagan for helping me land on this. The Huckleberry. We were trying to tie to Mark Twain, so we researched some of his favorite foods. But nothing sounded right. And then Reagan said, "Ummm... Let's see. Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer. Huck F- OH! HUCKLEBERRY!" I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner, but that's why they pay her the big bucks. Huckleberries look and taste like blueberries, so that could be a fun taste.

So I am officially submitting those to Oreo, and maybe we'll see some Dogwood Berry or Huckleberry Oreos.

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