So far this election season, I've actually donated money to three separate campaigns, because I'd be happy with any of them winning. Giant Meteor 2016, Killer Robots 2016, and my personal favorite, Zombie Apocalypse 2016.

But if Zombie Apocalypse does win come November, what are my chances of surviving to inauguration day, as a resident of the great state of Illinois? It's the question that keeps me up at night. Finally Estately has answered that question. According to their rankings, Illinois ranks 44th on the survivability scale. There were five determining factors: People per square mile, gun ownership, rate of cremation vs burial, physical fitness, and interest in zombies. And Illinois narrowly escaped the bottom five. Thanks a lot, Chicago, with your high population density... skewing those results.


For those in the Show-Me State, you came in exactly average, ranking 25th, scoring middle of the road across the board. Iowa ranked the highest of the three, coming in at 15th, with high scores for population density, gun ownership and zombie interest.

Our neighboring states of Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin all ranked in the top 20, so they'd be good places to flee to, though if you can swing it, Alaska came in at number one, with the Rocky Mountain states dominating the top 10.