The world was abuzz with the shocking revelation that Planters, the peanut company, would be resurrecting Cheez Balls for the modern era. Cheez Balls, if you remember, were the Kraft/Heinz/Planters response to Cheetos, with a lighter feel and texture, but still a nice, crispy cheese dust delivery method. They were delicious and a perfect lazy day snack food. But unfortunately it went the way of the Dodo Bird and Orbitz soda, ne'er to be heard from again. That is until it mounted a comeback tour, and much like Crystal Pepsi and Zima before it, we welcome the return with open arms. But that got me thinking... what other 90s foods should make a comeback?

The Arch Deluxe

I don't care what the people say, that was a delicious burger, and Micky D's needs to bring that back. I loved it. My dad said, "No, the commercial said it's not for kids. It's the adult burger, don't you want a happy meal?" To which 11 year old me responded, "Nah, bro. Gotta get my Arch Deluxe on!" That is a direct quote. Verbatim. I have it on tape if you want to hear it.

EZ Squirt Ketchup

Listen, I have no idea why unnaturally colored ketchups didn't work. I'm not a marketing guru. But don't tell my boss that. Marketing is kind of a lot of what we do in radio. BUT! I loved the green, blue, and purple ketchups. For no other reason than it was weird. And I liked weird. Weird's all I've got.

Butterfinger BBs

I love Butterfinger candy bars. I love M&Ms. Butterfinger BBs were the perfect marriage of the two. This needs to come back.

Pepsi Blue

Again, we got Crystal Pepsi back. And Mtn Dew is over their doing weird stuff with colors, while Pepsi keeps experimenting with unique flavors. Why not do a throwback to the Berry Cola fusion that was Pepsi Blue?

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