Pepsi is selling limited edition gear and donating the money restaurant employees.

The COVID-19 crisis in the United States has effected everyone, but restaurant employees have been hit extremely hard. With massive amounts of the country still not allowing people to go and sit down in restaurants, and in the places restaurants are back open they aren't operating at full capacity, many of these restaurant workers are still out of work. Well Pepsi is stepping up to give back to these thousands and thousands of restaurant employees that are still struggling financially, Pepsi is selling limited edition merchandise and donating 100% of the proceeds to the RERF or the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. On the limited edition gear is available for purchase, they said...

"On his digital show Some Good News, actor John Krasinski shared PepsiCo’s commitment to raising an additional $3 million for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). John surprised everyone with a Pepsi logo drawn by Krasinski’s daughters. You can join our mission to provide support to restaurant workers who’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis by purchasing this Pepsi T-shirt or tote featuring their special artwork."

To see the products to purchase CLICK HERE!

We all need to continue to support local across the United States of America, it has never been this important with so many people out of work, and small businesses fighting to stay afloat then to give back anything that you can during this time. I know we have a ton of Pepsi fans in the Tri-States so if you can buy one of these limited edition shirts or bags, and know that you are giving back to those in need the most during this extremely difficult time.

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