I am in amazement every time that I find a video of a meteor shower, but also grateful that people show what they have caught on camera.

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That was the case in Albany, Missouri, and in some areas in Iowa too, where a beautiful meteor shower was caught on camera as the new year started. It was a perfect night for capturing the meteor shower with a cloud-free night and shining brightly off of the fresh snow and ice. It really is a beautiful video to watch, even if it's in black and white, you can imagine how bright it really shines off of the new-fallen show.

I have only seen one shooting star in my life, and it's one of those things that I still look for to this day. I need to look at my Ring camera and see if I ever catch anything on there of a falling star or maybe a meteor shower. My girls and I love laying on our back deck on a clear night looking at the stars and hoping we see a shooting star, nothing yet, but we will have one sooner or later.

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