Just in time for Earth Day this Friday, one of the oldest known meteor showers will be lighting up the skies, and here's when you can see it.

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The Lyrid meteor shower will be here Friday and Saturday and the best time to watch for it will be right before midnight here in the Tri-States, according to Earthsky.org. Plus, if you want to get a great view of the shower earthsky.org suggests sitting in the shadow of a tree or barn to get a better view of the meteor shower. So, what is exactly a Lyrid meteor shower?

Lyrids are pieces of debris from the Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. In mid-April of each year, Earth runs into the stream of debris from the comet, causing the meteor shower.

This type of meteor shower could proceed between 15 to 20 meteors per hour. Now, looking ahead we might bet some rain throughout the day then becoming clear, so we might get to see some of the meteor showers as it passes through. NASA has records providing that this type of meteor shower can be traced back almost 2,700 years making it the oldest meteor shower to be on record.

If you do end up staying up and getting photos I would love to see them, I don't think I would be able to make it after midnight. Maybe if I took a nap before...maybe.

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