Right along the Chicago River in the center of downtown Chicago, there are some monster fish just waiting to be caught apparently, watch as a man reels one in!

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This YouTube video was uploaded just a month ago by a YouTube channel called Field Trips with Robert Field, and it shows just how incredible the wildlife is even in the heart of the United States' third-largest city Chicago. The video already has over 100,000 views and it is a must-see for fishing enthusiasts. I worked as a tour guide on the Chicago River for years before moving down to Quincy, and let me tell you in all my years on boats on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River I never have seen a fish as large as the one he caught. As a tour guide, I learned about the different wildlife that inhabited the lake and the river, and certainly, I knew that there were big fish around including things like sturgeon, but to just casually drop a line in the new riverwalk in the heart of downtown and reel in that monster is shocking to me.

The Chicago River used to be a horrific wasteland 100 years ago, but decades of protection, and relocation of the shipping industry, have helped clean up the river to what it is today, a thriving ecosystem that is home to diverse wildlife. Even though the river is in great shape now I still wouldn't suggest swimming in it OR eating anything you catch out of it!

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