I think the world would be a better place if The Jungle Book were real. Same for Charlotte's Web. Stories where the animals were people and could talk would be a vast improvement over reality life in 2020 and 2021 in my not-so-humble opinion. This new video share of a raccoon and pit bull in Illinois might be as close as we get in the near future.

According to the video description, this was captured in late August in Kirkwood, Illinois. Here are the details provided:

My dog Floki and raccoon Rocket playing at the door before going outside to run around

So, it's Floki the pit bull and Rocket the Raccoon. Watch them bond.

I have to confess that I was wondering if this really was friendly when Rocket started pawing at Floki's muzzle and his teeth were showing. Fortunately, he seemed to eventually appreciate it.

There's a story on Rover about how to keep your dog safe from raccoons as this dog/raccoon relationship doesn't normally end happily. Their theory is that raccoons can bite and scratch and tend to be very good at knowing exactly how to harm a dog in a bad way. In the wild, that's likely true. In this case, I think Rocket and Floki have a good thing going.

While the rest of the real world deals with pandemics and social controversy, I prefer to focus more on innocent animal moments. Now, we just need the geniuses at Bad Lip Reading to add talking to this video and we'll be good.

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