Raccoons have a way of getting themselves into difficult situations due to their desire to search trash for food. One Missouri postal worker frequently saves these thieving animals from themselves and just shared video of yet another he rescued from a dumpster.

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This fun video moment was just shared on Rumble. Here's how the guy described what happens:

I work for the post office. I help raccoons out of the dumpster pretty often. This is the angriest one I've encountered.

He calls them "trash pandas". That's a new one. I think from now on raccoons will be referred to as "trash pandas" by me, too.

I would be careful if you come across a raccoon that appears "angry" as he describes it. A hissing and/or angry raccoon could be one with disease like rabies. This little bandit didn't seem that fierce, but there's a reason why the Humane Society lists them as one of the primary carriers for rabies. Hey, but his postal carrier heart is in the right place.

I'm also apparently not the only one who will now refer to raccoons as trash pandas. Go figure. Guess I'm the last to find out how the cool kids refer to wildlife now.

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