When you think of someone pulling a fire alarm it's usually a prank or someone accidentally pulled it. So when the fire alarm went off at a doggy daycare in Iowa there was an unlikely suspect that was caught paw-handed.

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Meet Birdie. Birdie is a Golden Retriever who loves to visit her doggy daycare and sometimes gets really excited to see all of her friends. Recently Biridie got so excited to see her paw-pals that she accidentally pulled the fire alarm.

In a cute photo to apologize to the local fire department, Biridie posted on her Instagram account a letter to the department.

How can you stay mad at this face? Although, I don't think I could blame Birdie too much for pulling the fire alarm. Where it's located in the wall it would be easy for a large dog like Birdie to accidentally pull the alarm. I think all is forgiven, but not sure if she will be in that particular cage anymore.

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