This particular campus has a lot of history in Missouri. Not only is it known for a beautiful campus but it also hosted two of the biggest events in the nation.

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Washington University in St. Louis was founded in 1853 and named after George Washington. The grounds were also the place where the World's Fair and The Olympics were held. Can't say that about a lot of universities.

In 1904, what's now known as Danforth Campus was the site of both international events. The grandeur continues to be embodied by the Collegiate Gothic architecture and sprawling green lawns.

The university was also ranked 24th in 2023 as the best university in the nation to attend. It's not cheap. On average a students will pay $28,000 a year depending on what field of study they are learning. There is not a ranking that comes out about universities that Washington University is not on.

  • Best College Dorms - 1st
  • Best College Food - 3rd
  • One of the Best Run Colleges
  • Best for Financial Aid

If you're a graduate from Wash U or going there in the fall you know that you are going to get a solid education, in one of the most beautiful campuses, known for the best in everything, and don't you want that for yourself?

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