Choosing a college is a big decision, sometimes where that college is located might help make that decision for a person.

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I loved Northwest Missouri State University, not only for the college but because Maryville, Missouri reminded me of home. Small, not too big, just the right size, so when WalletHub put together a list f the Best and Worst Cities and Towns in America I was surprised it wasn't on the best list. However one Missouri city did make the list, St. Louis.

WalletHub compared more than 400 U.S. cities of varying sizes based on 32 key indicators of academic, social and economic opportunities for students.

Source: WalletHub

Out of 400 US Cities, St. Louis ranks number 26 as the best college city in America. The city ranked high in Wallet Friendliness, Social environment, and Academic & Economic Opportunities. The top three cities include Orlando Florida (number 3), Ann Arbor, Michigan (number 2), and Austin, Texas at number one.

Finding a college is fun, but knowing where you going to be living for the next four (or five years) might come in handy to do your research out of the city or town. Especially if you live off campus and how much rentals will be, food, gas, ugh being an adult stinks sometimes. But college is and will be the best time in your life. I can promise you that.

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