There's nothing like a good ol' slice of pepperoni pizza, but which one is the best?

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It's so hard to pick just one, that's why I am leaving it up to to decide which restaurants are the best of the best when it comes to pizza.

10. Dominos

No surprise there is a least one chain store in the top ten. We like ordering chicken wings and pizza when we order from Dominos. They have really stepped up their game with their pizza recipes.

9. Tony's Too

Rachel S. gave the restaurant 5 stars and said,

Very good food and drinks. Especially since it's inside of a hotel. Highly recommend and the price was great


8. Lagondola Spaghetti House

To be honest, I've never had their pizza, but I am willing to try anything. From the pictures on Yelp, their pizza does look yummy.

7. Papa Murphy's

The take-n-bake pizza you will have once and just love. One of our favorite pizzas they make is the Valentine's Heart-Shaped PIzza and the Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza in October.

6. Papa John's Pizza

I have to admit their garlic sauce is really amazing!

5. Pizza Hut

I can eat Pizza Huts breadsticks all day long.

4. Tiramisu

I am pretty sure you would not think Tiramisu for pizza, but it's so good and my kids absolutely love it. It's about the only thing I can get them to eat (besides the dessert).

3. Gem City Pizzeria & Mexican

House-made pizza sauce & dough, and family-friendly what more is there to say?

2. Cassaono's Pizza

Shawn R. from Quincy says,

Without a doubt, they have great pizza and their mushrooms are cooked differently. My wife absolutely loves their mushrooms with ranch. Even I can't resist.


1. Tower of Pizza

The pizza is always crazy good, no matter how you order it, and the chicken nachos are the bomb-diggity.

No matter where you order from pizza is just one of those foods that I am sure everyone in the family loves to eat no matter if you make it at home, or order it at a restaurant.

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