A list has been revealed ranking the top 100 pizza places in the entire US, and only one spot from Missouri was good enough to crack the top 100 list. Missouri is known for its BBQ, so which pizza place is representing the Show-Me State on this epic list of amazing pizza places?

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Yelp came out with a list in January called Yelp's Top Pizza Spots in the US & Canada, the list has the top 100 US places, and then a separate list of the top 25 Canadian pizza places. Missouri has very little representation on the list of the best pizza spots in the US with only 1 place making the list, and that place is called Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza in St. Louis.

Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza comes in ranked 39th out of 100 on the list, and according to Yelp it opened in 2014 and it is in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, they go on to say...

"Pizzeoli is a cozy, candle-lit, Neapolitan-Inspired Wood Fired Pizzeria...Our pizza is traditionally baked in an all Wood-Fired Naples Style Brick Oven which cooks our pizzas in under 2 minutes at around 800 Degrees. The chewy & bread-like crust from this style of pizza is beautifully charred on the edges (referred to as "Leoparding") and the center of the pizza is thin & flimsy. This historic style of pizza is traditionally eaten with a fork & knife or by using the "Wallet Fold" method when eaten in slices."

When you go to Pizzeoli's website to see its menu, it is loaded with tons of great-sounding pizza options like the St. Louisan's Pepperoni, the Buffalo Chicken Bacon, and the Meatball pizza. To see their full menu click here!

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