If you've ever lived in Missouri or just visited you know that this staple is a must-have treat at any restaurant you eat at.

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No matter which restaurant you dine at, especially if you're visiting a St. Louis restaurant, you will find this appetizer dish on every menu. Toasted Ravioli and the Food Network have dubbed this delicious appetizer the Missouri dish to try.

This breaded, deep-fried ravioli served with marinara sauce for dunking is on many restaurants in the St. Louis area. But its popularity has spread wide, and you could see it in other places in the Midwest too.

I mean, let's face it anything deep-fried is delicious, but then you add in the fact that it was created in St. Louis and it's a local delicacy. well, this is a regional dish that everyone has to try at least once in their life. This is a dish also that you can buy in the store, make at home, and something you can easily put together when you have unexpected guests show up.

When I think of Missouri and food I think of two things. Imo's Pizza and toasted ravioli, the two really go hand-in-hand and it's really no surprise that the Food Network named it the regional dish for Missouri. Lucky for us, you don't have to go to St. Louis to eat toast ravioli, they can be ordered pretty much anywhere in the Tri-State area.


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