You would never think that Missouri is known for its waterfalls. However, there is one state park that not only has a waterfall but is known to be the tallest and most beautiful in the state.

Located in the Mina Sauk Falls Trail park, just south of St. Louis, the Mina Sauk Falls is known as the tallest in the state cascading down 132 feet over rock and pledged. The trail is also the highest point in Missouri and very popular when it comes to visitors and hikers wanting to get to the highest point in the state.

From the parking area, a short walk along a wheelchair-accessible trail leads to the top of Taum Sauk Mountain and the highest point in the state at 1,772 feet above sea level.

The hike to the top is a great view of the tallest waterfall in the state which leads to the Taum Sauk Creek and is best to visit after a good rain. This is no easy trail to get to the top. You will hike through woodlands that can be rocky at times, and rugged at times, and it's advised to bring lots of water. But, from what I have been reading is totally worth every inch of walking to get to see the most beautiful view in the Show-Me State.

In total, the trail is close to 3 miles long and will take you an estimate of over 2 1/2 hours to climb before getting to the highest point. From the sound of it the trail is harsh but worth it all to get to see one of the best sites of Missouri and claim that you made it to the top of the highest point in Missouri< I would say that it's worth it, but I am no hiker so it might take me closer to 4 hours to climb but something that I would definitely like to try sometime.

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