Sam and I just decided to give up tacos for Lent. Seriously. We said it on-air. We said it on the book of faces. It's pretty much signed in blood and set in stone. No tacos for the next 40 days. However! Loophole time, we never got to Fat Tuesday some tacos before the clock struck midnight. So I think that earns us an opportunity to do one last Taco hurrah. Or we'll just trade out a Sunday for a Saturday (since you can indulge on Sundays).

Why are we going to break, well.... BEND Lenten tradition? Because Fort Taco, a St. Louis taco shop is hitting up Hannibal Friday and Saturday, February 23rd and 24th. Sam and I will just so happen to be down in Hannibal on the 24th for the (shameless plug) KICK-FM Bridal Expo, going on noon to three at the Star Theatre, you can register here.

We first caught wind of this with a cryptic post from Fort Taco saying they'd be up that weekend, but that hours and location were to come soon. And now we have them. They'll be at the Elks Lodge at 411 Broadway from 11am-2pm and 4:30-8pm both days.

Fort Taco makes traditional tacos that look absolutely delicious (and I hear they are from some of my STL friends). So I can't wait to give these a try.

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