A couple of years ago my youngest brother and his dog Krusty stayed with our mother at her house for a period of time. Krusty is a rather large brindle colored lab/pit mix. He's about as "lazy" friendly as a dog can be. He'll never jump on anyone. I don't think I've ever heard him bark or even lick anyone. He's happy just being around people and taking up half the floor or an entire couch.

My mother has never really been a dog person but she likes Krusty. I've never really been a dog person but I like Krusty. Same with my next youngest brother. Krusty is hard not to like because he's basically never bothersome and he's just a real sweet dog. Apparently Krusty likes us too. It seems he likes our mother most of all.

Quite a while back my youngest brother, the one who own Krusty, moved to another town about 12 miles from our mothers house. Krusty made the move with him. A few days ago my brother took Krusty outside for his morning walk. Krusty disappeared. Now he likes to go roaming now and then or "doggin" as my other brother calls it, so it wasn't really a big concern. However it was cold and rainy that day so everyone hoped Krusty would make it back soon. Soon turned into hours and hours turned into all day. Things were getting worrisome.

Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Fairly late that night mom heard something on her front door. At first she blew it off but when it happened again she got up and walked from another room to investigate. She opened the front door and there on the porch was Krusty. Cold, soaking wet and hungry. She let him in, dried him off, fed him and let him get up on the couch to sleep.

Krusty had ridden a few dozen times in a car from moms to brothers and back and apparently he was paying attention and taking notes, because one cold, rainy April day he decided his morning walk was going to cover 12 miles and he was going to go visit "grandma."

I think all of us kids have felt like doing the same thing from time to time in our lives. We can all just get in our cars and drive though. Krusty has now shown all of us up.