What Annoys You Most?
Life is full of little annoyances. Like perfectly good money being spent on things like a study to find out what the most common annoyances are. I'm not annoyed that it gives me something to blog about though.
Pets Sometimes Eat the Strangest Things
I had a greyhound once that ate an entire one pound bag of M&M's. Except for the handful that were stuck to the fur on his side that is. We've all heard that chocolate can be toxic to dogs and I have no doubt that can be true. In Damien's case however it just made him go outside a lot for a coup…
Sometimes Pets Are Truly Amazing
A couple of years ago my youngest brother and his dog Krusty stayed with our mother at her house for a period of time. Krusty is a rather large brindle colored lab/pit mix. He's about as "lazy" friendly as a dog can be. He'll never jump on anyone. I don't think I've ever heard him bark or …