Bugs. Gross. It doesn't matter how old I am, whenever I see a bug in the house I always get my husband. Especially with spiders and centipedes, but these guys are not going anywhere.

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Some people just love creepy crawlers, my oldest loves anything that has four (or more)legs, but my little one does not. Living in the Midwest we are surrounded by all sorts of bugs 12 months a year. Getting different ones for each season, but what are the most common ones we will see this spring and summer?

Common Bugs You Will Encounter in Missouri

Yeah, I'm good if I never see another bug again, but I know I know that they are meant for something. Whether making honey, eating other insects, or whatever the case may be, I just don't want to be near any of them or see any of them in my home.

How Do You Know What Kind of Bug You Found?

There is a great website insectidentifiaction.org where you can use the BUGFINDER to quickly identify what bug you found if you've never seen it before, Which I can tell you I have seen somewhere it has me scratching my head. The website uses a massive database to search for what bugs you have found. It allows you to select color, state, how many legs it has (facepalm), and other aspects to identify what bug you have. As much as I hate bugs, this is a pretty cool site.

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