Picture this. You're out on a weeknight with your four-legged friend and you want to him it just a sip of whiskey, well better this again. In one Illinois City, it's illegal to give your dog whiskey.

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Sometimes you want to share a lot with your four-legged friend. Food, walks, vacation, and naps, but in Chicago, if you give your dog whiskey you could get a fine. The city has some strict pet owners' laws and one, in particular, caught my eye, it's illegal to give your dog whiskey. There is a good reason for it, alcohol of any kind can be harmful to your pet. They do make dog-friendly beer, so if you want to share a drink with your pet you might want to consider those drinks (that don't actually have any alcohol in them).

Don't Give a Dog a Lit Cigar

This is for the whole state of Illinois. If you're looking to get that Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook photo and think giving your dog a lit cigar is a good idea. Think again.

It’s illegal to give your domesticated animal a lit cigar. This is actually a statewide law.

These are all put in place to keep animals safe from harmful things like cigars and alcohol. To me it's just common sense, to even think that this city and state have to come up with these laws tells me that this was happening a lot and government people had to put these laws into place (facepalm). Just use common sense if you think it's a good idea, just keep it in mine it's probably not. Don't do anything that would put your pet in harm's way.

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