Why do kids need protection from the police? Lawmakers in Illinois are set to debate whether or not the Land of Lincoln should create a new law that would make sure kids aren't falling victim to the police, here are the details...

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According to WBEZ, Illinois lawmakers want a law that would REQUIRE kids under the age of 18 to have a lawyer present during any police interrogations. This law is being discussed now after a false confession was extracted by police from a teen in Illinois, on WBEZ's site, they say...

"New legislation in Springfield backed by Gov. JB Pritzker would require a lawyer for young people under 18 during a police interrogation...The bill... applies to any public official’s questioning of a child in custody about any crime. It would also bar kids from waiving their right to counsel. Under the measure, any statement by a minor without a lawyer’s presence would be inadmissible as evidence against the child in any juvenile or criminal proceeding...At least 30 Illinoisans between ages 15 and 17 have confessed to serious crimes before their convictions were overturned based on new evidence"

The article goes on to mention how police are pushing back against this law because they feel as though having to have a lawyer present would discourage teens from talking to the police making it harder to solve crimes. To read more about this possible new law, click here!

Should this become a law?

My gut says yes, the worst thing that we as a society can do is send an innocent child to jail for something they didn't do. I know it is the person's responsibility not to lie, to tell the truth, and if they do, they should never be coerced into a false confession but if you watch Making a Murderer or American Tragedy, or any of the other true crime docs on streaming services, you know how persuasive and hard some cops are in interrogations. Solving the crime and putting someone behind bars does no one any good if we put the wrong person behind bars. What is your take on this possible new law?

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