Lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are looking to pass a bill into law that would limit the power of the police, is this a good idea? Here are the details of this controversial new law...

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According to an article from NBC Chicago, there is a new bill being debated in Illinois that would limit what police officers could pull you over for, limiting their powers. In the article, they say...

"... House bill 4603, which would change the motor vehicle code to prohibit police stops for minor offenses like failing to display license plates or expired stickers, as well as excessively tinted windows, defective mirrors, defective bumpers or excessive exhaust. But the most controversial part of the bill involves stops for speeding that would not result in misdemeanors or felonies. In Illinois, that means speeding 25-35 miles an hour over the limit."

The article goes on to say that opponents of the bill stress that this could cause drunk driving to increase, speeding in neighborhoods with children, and could lead to "pure chaos" To read more about this proposed new law, click here!

Would you support this law?

My gut reaction is no...I don't mind the idea of not being pulled over for silly little things like tinted windows if the cops could get your plate number and send you a ticket through the mail or something like that. But the speeding thing makes no sense, people will 10000% take advantage of that, and I do think it would lead to more traffic incidents and loss of life, what do you think?

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