Missouri has so many iconic foods that could be the Official State Dish of the state, but you'll never guess what dish lawmakers want to become the official state dish of the Show-Me State... politicians don't get us...

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According to an article from KSDK, lawmakers want to make Cashew Chicken the official state dish of Missouri...Not BBQ Ribs, not Fried Ravioli, not even Pulled Pork, but Cashew Chicken...why? In the article, they say...

"Cashew chicken is selected for and shall be known as the official dish for the state of Missouri," the text of HB 1624 reads...The dish was invented sometime around 1963 by David Leong, a Chinese immigrant and U.S. Army veteran who fought on D-Day in World War II, according to Congressional records. After the war, Leong moved to Springfield with his wife and three children when they opened Leong’s Tea House and eventually invented Springfield Cashew Chicken as a way to entice Americans who didn't have any experience eating traditional Chinese cuisine."

The article goes on to mention how over 70 restaurants in the Springfield area serve Cashew Chicken, and some residents believe that there are so many dishes that have been invented in Missouri it is unfair to pick one as the official state dish, to read the entire article, click here! 

Should it be Cashew Chicken?

First off, shout out to Cashew Chicken it is delicious! But I tend to agree with the point of view that if your state has so many iconic foods it is tough to claim one as the official state dish. I'm sure there are many of you Missourians who are now just learning (like me) that Cashew Chicken was created in the Show-Me State. If not Cashew Chicken, what should be the official state dish of Missouri?

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