We had a lot of fun with the Six Flags - St. Louis Fright Fest crew coming to Kutz By Us and making me up like a zombie. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the experience. We documented the whole process on our Facebook, Instagram and subsequently YouTube, all collected right here. Not shown? What came later on that day.

Nothing bad, mind you. I didn't crave brains, or aimlessly wander the Quincy Mall, or dodge crossbow bolts from leather-vest wearing Georgians. But it sure was fun freaking people out!

Brodie Woodward, Townsquare Media

We stopped by Daylight Donuts for a bite to eat. Reubens are my favorite sandwich, they make a mean one, and I guess they somewhat resemble brains... the folds in the meat are the ridges in the brain... It's not a perfect analogy, I'll move on. But there were a lot of questions from other patrons about it. Mostly about how it was done and how long it took. Bev & Babs just rolled their eyes thinking, "Pft... that's Brodie. We expect nothing less."

The real fun was when I got back to the office. Our engineer Gary didn't know anything about me getting the make-up done. I'm sitting in my office working on the American Revenant interview, he walks by, glances in and says, "Hey Brodie, how's it go- YOW! What the heck happened to you?!" I just deadpanned back, "I asked for a raise... it did not go well." Gary shot back, "I don't even wanna know."

We share a building with Sign Pro. I had entered the building through the Sign Pro office, and Tim glances up when he hears the door open, looks at me, it registers that it's just me, not a customer, and he goes back to his work. Almost as if, "Yep... that's those weirdo radio people again!" Turns out he was in the zone with his work and all the blood and skull fragments didn't register with him. It wasn't until about an hour later we passed in the hall that he had the "What the heck happened to you?!" reaction.

Every red-light on the drive home was me glancing over and seeing a look that can best be described as confusion mixed with disgust. Disgusion? Confust?

Brodie Woodward, Townsquare Media

Those were just a few of fun freakouts we had. Later that night came time to remove the make-up. It was starting to get a bit itchy and uncomfortable. And of course I had to go to bed. First step was peeling off all the latex and cornflakes. That left a patchwork of plain skin and make-up on my bald head. To me, it resembled an oddly colored globe. It took two showers to fully scrub everything off. The spirit gum, the air-brushed paint, the blood... I may still have some behind my ears, I don't know. But it was a fun day as a zombie. 10/10, would recommend.

Brodie Woodward, Townsquare Media