The stats are in, and you need to be aware of new dangerous interstates in Illinois.

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The good news is neither of these interstate are close to our area. The bad news is that both interstates are in the top 10 for worst in the nation.

The Most Dangerous Interstate in Illinois

According to the newest report from Assurance, the I-94 Interstate is the most dangerous in Illinois. The interstate also runs through Indiana, Minnesota, and Michigan. According to the new data, I-94 had 4.23 crashes per 10 miles.

I-94, the ninth-longest interstate in the country, runs east-west and is considered the most dangerous interstate in four states: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Michigan.


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The other interstate that makes the top 10 list is I-24. This interstate has seen an extremely high number of fatal crashes per 100 miles.

The fifth most dangerous interstate is I-24. This interstate runs through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois and has 18.3 fatal crashes per 100 miles.


I know this is scary data, but it's data that hopefully you'll remember the next time you decide to drive recklessly and hurt someone on the road. Assurance looked at several factors to determine these results.

we calculated the number of fatal crashes per every 10 miles for each interstate within each state (removing those that did not cover at least 10 mi). Next, we determined “The Most Dangerous Interstates” by calculating the number of fatal crashes per every 100 miles for each interstate (removing those that did not cover at least 100 mi).

Always remember to be careful and wear your seat belt.

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