People might be thinking about taking a weekend getaway for the fall or the upcoming holidays, but some experts are saying you should avoid traveling to this Illinois City.

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Based on population and tourism The Vacationeer says that Chicago is one of the cities to avoid traveling to this holiday season. Not only is the city on the list of 34 Chicago comes in at #2 on the list right behind Detroit, Michigan. I know there is craziness when it comes to holiday travel, but I would think that going to a bigger city during the holidays is fun.

Yes, stressful, but fun. There would be holiday-themed events, lots of shopping and eating, what else sounds better than that. Sure any travel to anywhere could be expensive, but that's expected when you go to a big city.

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I have a hard time with some of these surveys and studies about the best of this and the worst of that. Everyone has an opinion on what they like and don't like. So you're taking a small amount of survey and determine that Chicago is the worst to travel to. Any traveling is stressful and can come with problems. Heck, we were on our way to Chicago and blew a tire and had to stay in Bloomington overnight, but when we made it to the city had the best time ever.

My advice, travel to Chicago. Have the best time ever, and when you are asked to take a survey throw it in the trash.

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