Knowing that my kids will be driving in a few years scares me to death, and this new report that named the most dangerous road in every state makes me want to never have them drive ever.

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Getting in the car and going somewhere whether it's to the store or a long trip anything can happen. A new report from This vs That named the most dangerous roads in every state and Illinois Highway 45 was named in that report. The highway runs North to South from top to bottom Illinois has reported an estimated 11 fatalities per year with several crashes reported every year.

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Google Maps

There are several dangerous highways and interstates in Illinois that all drivers need to be aware of.

  • Dan Ryan Expressway
  • Interstate 57
  • Kennedy Expressway
  • Edens Expressway / Interstate 94
  • Eisenhower Expressway / Interstate 290

Now there is good news. Not one highway or interstate near the Tri-Staet area has been named as a dangerous road. Now that doesn't mean accidents don't happen cause we all know that they do, but it's a bit way knowing that there are no dangerous roads in our immediate area.

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