The state of Missouri is launching a new program to help it battle the state's massive prescription drug crisis. Will it work? Here are the details...

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According to KY3, the state of Missouri launched a new program that will be used to battle the prescription drug crisis in the Show-Me State, in an article on KY3, they say...

"Under the program, pharmacists now must report when they provide drugs listed as controlled substances. The information is collected in a database that doctors and other pharmacists can check to see if patients have been receiving opioids from multiple providers...Missouri was the last state to adopt such a database statewide..."

To read more about this new program that aims to curb the painkiller addiction crisis in Missouri, click here! 

Is this program enough?

You could argue that this is just the bare minimum of what the state of Missouri should be doing to curb the state's prescription drug crisis. Does it upset you that Missouri is the LAST state in the entire country to adopt this program?

You could argue that Missouri should have done this years ago, but one of the reasons why the state has resisted creating this program is that doubters of the program say that sensitive data from citizens could be compromised, according to the article. I can understand why people would be concerned about your medical data being out there for constant cross-checking, but if every other state is already doing it (including states like Texas and Florida, states Missouri tends to align with regularly) it is probably a good thing Missouri is on board with it too.

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