WARNING: All parents should watch this before testing their kids' Christmas presents. It's all fun and games until someone runs into a wall.

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This. This video right here is exactly why I will not be buying my kid a virtual reality headset. In the video, you can see the mom having fun playing some game on the VR that you can't see only her, and then it happens.

You can see from the video that there is a mattress there to protect her from hitting the concrete wall, but they didn't think to put something for the wall in front of her. Whoops! It's safe to say that the VR headset truly works and makes you think that you are fighting bad guys, riding a roller coaster, or coming up on giant spiders (which my sister trick my kid in and she almost broke the headset).

I have done the VR and it can be fun, but it can also be a little dangerous. Make sure you are in an open space and nothing is around you (like a wall, sharp objects, or anything that may harm you). These are fun, just be careful. Also, when buying a present for your kid and testing them make sure that all the walls are protected (and yourself). Maybe wear a helmet and knee pads just in case.

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