It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Everyone will get exactly what they want, and everyone -- especially kids -- will be thrilled with all of their Christmas presents, right? Nope.

GameStop released the results of a "last minute shopping" survey of their customers, and one of the sections deals with commong complaints that shoppers have heard about gifts they've purchased for kids. If you've ever purchased a Christmas present for a kid, you might be able to relate to these comments:

  • It is not what the child wanted or it is the wrong color or model (19 percent)
  • Children’s siblings or friends received more gifts than they did (15 percent)
  • It is missing the accessories, such as batteries or headphones (12 percent)
  • It is not “cool” anymore (12 percent)

It's not cool anymore? How do guard against that one?

Sometimes it's just easier to slip some cash in an envelope . . .

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