In our house, Christmas presents were always opened on Christmas morning, but that's not the tradition for every family. When I was growing up, I was always jealous of kids that were allowed to open presents on Christmas Eve. When does the unwrapping begin at your house?

I should note that Mom and Dad usually appeased us (or attempted to) by allowing something to be opened on Christmas Eve. Either my brothers and I would exchange gifts, we would open something from a grandparent, or sometimes Mom would allow us to pick one present from under the tree, but everything else had to wait until Christmas morning.

This seemed like such a big deal when I was a kid. How much better life would have been if only Mom and Dad - who obviously enjoyed torturing their children during the holidays - would have just allowed us to open Christmas presents 12 hours (or less) earlier.

These days it is my niece, who is eight years old, that begs and pleads to open presents on Christmas Eve. We don't let her. It turns out torturing children at Christmastime is an awful lot of fun for the grown-ups :)

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