Looks like Missouri and Illinois are at it again for who gets the best of the best. This time it's who has the best college in the nation and sorry Illinois looks like you are losing this time.

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A new list of some of the worst colleges in the nation came out and Missouri has zero, none, zip, on the list. That's something to be really proud of (shout out to Northwest Missouri State University), however, Illinois was not so lucky. According to Avocado Posts DeVry University in Chicago was named one of the worst in the nation.

In Chicago, Illinois, DeVry University finds itself ranked among the country’s worst schools by various publications. Its less-than-stellar reputation is underscored by a low 21% graduation rate, impersonal online classes, and students burdened with substantial debt.


This is not great especially as we head into the time of year when a ton of high school seniors are looking at college to continue their education. factors looked at to determine the worst colleges in the nation include:

  • High cost of tuition
  • Low graduation rate
  • Poor Return on Investment

All I can say is if you're a senior looking at schools or a parent of a senior do your research. Make sure you take that school tour, talk to admissions, talk to current students, look at the graduation rate, and hopefully in doing so that will help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

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