Well, there's some good news for those who got their education in Illinois.

Out of all 50 states ranked for Most Educated to Least by WalletHub; Illinois ranked number 12 overall. The website examined two key factors to break down the most educated states. After everything, they looked at Illinois ranked high in educational attainment, and Quincy in education.

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Points were given for the quality of the school system, blue ribbon schools per capita, the average quality of universities, enrolled students in top universities, public high school graduation rates, and others.

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Massachusetts ranked #1, Colorado ranked #2, and Maryland ranked #3. Missouri and Owa ranked fairly well with Missouri coming in at #32 and Iowa at #31, so not too bad.

Source: WalletHub

With the good, there always has to be a bad. The lowest ranking states for Bachelor's Degrees are 46. Kentucky, 47. Louisiana, 48. Arkansas, 49. Mississippi, and 50. West Virginia. There must be something up with the south.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones I feel like I received a great elementary and high school education in Missouri and then continued in Missouri by attending Northwest Missouri State University and received my Bachelor of Science Degree. Not everyone has the opportunities I did and I am forever grateful to everyone that helped me through my education.

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