School is out for this summer, but what's the law when it comes to school zone speed limits? Do you have to follow them all summer long?

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The answer is both yes and no. If the school is being used for summer school and children are present that all school zone speed limits are enforced. The school should have a sign on speed limit signs notifying drivers that summer school is in session. So, it's pretty simple, if you see kids around a school in Missouri then I would not drive 35 MPH but the speed limit posted in the school zone.


Illinois is just like Missouri when it comes to summer school zone speed limits. According to, when summer school is in session, regular school zone rules apply and drivers are required to slow down. If you are pulled over in a school zone, fines can range from $150 to $300 and you are requested to make a court appearance. The website also states that if you are speeding through a school zone and hit a person, you will be hit with a $25,000 fine and jail time.

However, for buildings that do not offer summer school, the restriction does not apply.

Restrictions or not, please take your time and drive cautiously this summer. With school out, there will be children out and about riding bikes, playing, skateboarding, and doing other outdoor activities. Do be on the lookout.

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