My two dogs LOVE hanging their head out the window, and sometimes they find their way onto my lap when driving. Looks like we won't be doing that anymore.

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What dog doesn't like sitting on its owner's lap while driving with its head out the window? However, if you do this you might want to rethink that next time you bring your pup in your car. Illinois Bill HB1581 states:

Prohibits drivers from holding an animal in their lap while driving unless the driver is operating a commercial motor vehicle or agricultural motor vehicle. Provides that a violation of this Section is a petty offense with a fine not to exceed $25.

This makes total sense especially if you have a large dog. Having any size dog sit on your lap while driving is really dangerous and can cause an accident. I remember one time I was at a stop light and Daisy was on my lap and she jumped out the window as soon as the light turned green (stupid squirrel). I'll never forget that. There is good news, it looks like if you do get caught with a dog on your lap the fine is minor at only $25. I wonder if that's $25 per dog?

So play it safe, and make sure your four-legged friend is in the backseat, passenger seat, in a harness-like seat belt, or crate to make sure that you are safe and that they stay put in the car as well.

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