Over the weekend I noticed more and more cars have dash cams in their cars, and that got me thinking, are those even legal in Missouri? Well, the sort answer - kind of.

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Dash cams can come in handy especially if you get into an accident. You then have proof of who's at fault. They can also record those fun family road trips everyone loves taking, but are they legal? According to Matrack INC, Missouri is one of a few states that doesn't have specific laws when it comes to car dash cams.

Missouri is one of the few states that does not address driver visibility. Dash cams are lawful to install, so drivers can put them wherever they want. Mount the camera behind the rearview mirror or windshield to avoid obscuring visibility.

It seems like it does matter where you put these cameras. You don't want it to obstruct your vision when driving and depending on which camera you get it could. I know that I have seen videos) especially from semi-trucks) with dash cam of some crazy drivers on the roads.

As drivers, it's just another thing we have to keep in mind when we are weaving in and out of traffic and trying to get to our destination.

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