There are some laws you just have to scratch your head and wonder "What were they thinking when they created this law?"

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When I first moved to the midwest I was struck by seeing horse 7 buggies on the road. Don't get me wrong, I've seen a lot of them in Pennsylvania but was struck that they were at the same time I now called home. So when I came upon this crazy, weird law in Missouri I both understood it and laughed.

It is illegal to honk your car horn in Missouri to not scare horses.

Yup! Can't think that horn no matter what. Okay, not sure if this "law" is taken series in big cities like St, Louis or Kansas City but locally I could see how this law could come into effect. Canton is home to an Amish community that uses horses to get around the town. I am no horse expect but I can imagine honking a car horn could spook a horse.

Doug Kelley on Unsplash
Doug Kelley on Unsplash

You also can't honk someone else's horn. If you are a passenger don't even think about reaching over and honking that horn.

Now is this law taken series and implemented? Who knows that for sure, but if you find yourself behind a slow-moving buggy and you think honking will make it go faster you might want to hold off on doing that, it could get you a ticket if you get caught.

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