We've been lucky so far to not have had that BIG snowstorm yet, but it's coming. So, what are the laws when it comes to clearing your car off to drive legally in Missouri?

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It's that time of year when we will be soon scraping off mounds of snow off of our vehicles but did you know that you have to make sure all the snow and ice are removed? It is illegal, in the state of Illinois, to drive with obstructions (including snow and ice) on your windshield.

Now you can have loose snow on your roof, hood, and back but all windows must have all ice and snow removed from the driver's view before the car moves. The Ilinois State Law reads:

In Illinois, motor vehicles must have devices for cleaning rain, snow, and other obstructions off the windshield. Drivers are not permitted to drive if they have snow, ice, moisture, or other materials blocking their windows or mirrors that obstruct their view.

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So, be aware of this Illinois law and make sure that before you hit the road on a snowy day that there is nothing in the way of your view when driving. Hopefully, we won't have to deal with scrapping our cars off too much this winter, but you just never know in the midwest.

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