Making bets on the Super Bowl Prop bets is the best way to watch the Super Bowl, here are my favorites this year...

1.) Will Demi Lovato complete the singing of the National Anthem in UNDER 2 mins?

No chance, I would bet a large 3 topping pizza from Gem City Pizzeria that she takes longer than 2 minutes to sing the National Anthem. This is Demi's triumphant return to the spotlight she was away for so long after her near overdose death, she deserves her moment to shine and she will definitely take it. ALSO she sang the national anthem in 2 mins 10 seconds at the Mayweather vs McGregor fight here is video proof.

2.) How many players will attempt a pass in the game Over/Under 2.5???

This is juicy... we know there will be 2 players to pass the ball Mahomes and Garoppolo. SOOOO the question is will there be a trick play in which someone else throws a pass? I say YES take the OVER. Either a punter on a fake punt, a WR like Tyreek Hill, or Emmanuel Sanders will throw the ball. I would bet 3 maid rites from Mark Twain Dinette that the over hits.

3.) Will Troy Aikmen mention his "Past Super Bowl Experience" Yes or No?

I cannot believe this is a yes or no question. OF COURSE HE WILL! You should bet a life time supply of Lips from Chicks on the River that Troy Aikmen will definitely talk about his past Super Bowl experiences.

Have fun with your Super Bowl Prop bets! It is all about making the watch party as fun and exciting as possible, if you wanna put a little money down between friends go for it, I usually bet you can tell. Follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen.


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