Temu was all over your TV on Super Bowl Sunday, and now the state of Illinois is bringing a lawsuit against them, why? Here are the details you need to know...

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According to an article from CBS News, Temu the popular Chinese online retailer is facing a class action lawsuit from the state of Illinois over data sharing and user privacy. In the article on CBS News, they say...

"Customers seek great deals from online discount retailer Temu. However, a class-action lawsuit claims Temu is getting a lot more in return, with shoppers often unaware of the company's data collection/sharing policies and activity...The lawsuit alleges Temu violates its customer's privacy rights by collecting private data and using "deceptive" and "unscrupulous" practices to access that data... the BBB said that Temu, a Chinese company, was warning shoppers about customer complaints and privacy concerns. The BBB had received 900 complaints in the company's first 14 months of operation."

The article goes on to mention how Temu is a relatively new company having started in September of 2022, and used the Super Bowl last weekend as a big advertising launch point for the company. To read more about the class action lawsuit the state of Illinois is bringing against Temu, click here!

Good for Illinois

Illinois has many faults (potholes, corrupt politicians, and bad weather, to name a few) but I really support the state going after Temu and social media sites for trying to scam users out of their data. Your online data is your identity, the article mentions how some people have already lost thousands of dollars because of their data being stolen after using Temu. These companies, especially foreign-based companies, have to play fair when dealing with customers online, and I'm glad Illinois will try to hold them accountable.

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