In my opinion, there is one main reason why you will have more fun watching the Super Bowl in Illinois than if you watch it in Missouri, or at least you should visit Illinois before going back to Missouri to watch the game.

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Sports gambling is legal in Illinois. I could end the blog here and just walk away BUT that would be irresponsible of me and I am the biggest proponent of responsible sports gambling.

Hopefully, Missouri will soon get on the legalized sports gambling bandwagon, according to this article from, last year Illinois made over $1 million in tax revenue from bets solely made on the Super Bowl game itself. In the article they say...

"...the state pulled in $1,148,890 in tax revenue as a result of wagering on the game, which saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers best the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday evening...In all, the state reported an online handle of $42,756,647 in betting on the game, with another $2,853,866 wagered in physical sports books across the state. A total of $45.6 million in wagers were handled by Illinois sports books for the game."

Now I'm not saying watching the Suber Bowl without a little wager is no fun BUT when your team isn't playing in the game (sorry Chiefs fans) it does add a little something extra to the game in my opinion.

Like I said at the top of the blog I only support responsible sports gambling, gambling addictions are real and nothing to take lightly, but if you gamble within your means it is a lot of fun added to the game in my opinion. I use one of the apps to place bets on (if you live in Illinois you've probably are sick of seeing commercials for all the sports betting apps out there) I suggest finding one that works for you, and being responsible is key.

PS... If you are new to sports betting one of the fun bets to start with (especially if you DONT care who wins) is the Over, which is the type of bet where you are just rooting for as many points to be scored as possible. Right now the Over in the Rams vs Bengals is 48.5, so if the game ends with a score of 30 to 20 (quick math 30+20=50) you'd win! See how that works?


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