You may have walked past this little popcorn/candy shop in Illinois and not even realized it's a store.

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Located in an alley the 4-feet wide and 64-feet long is located in an alley in Wheaton, Illinois. The store jas so much history and is so popular that it's been around for 100 years this year. The store has a ton of classic candy and of course, a wide range of popcorn flavors.

The shop began in 1921 when the original owners place a roof over an alleyway which became a barbershop. While it was a barbershop, the owners sold several kinds of popcorn and 100 different recipes to find the perfect popcorn combination. By 1959, the popcorn was becoming so popular in the community that it was written about in the Chicago Daily News that the store made $15,000 just in popcorn sales.

People from all over wanted to try 1 of the 100 popcorn combination flavors that the owner was creating. The store stayed in the family until the current owner Bill Wakefield took ownership over 40 years ago, and has kept all the traditions the same.

Wheaton is a suburb of Chicago, so the next time that you are in the area take a trip to Wheaton to try the popcorn and see one of Illinois' smallest candy stores still in business. If you can't make it to Wheaton, you are able to order online and get free shipping with orders over $25 and over.

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