Soon there will be one less convenience store that Missourians will be able to visit.

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60 years and four generations later the Kum & Go Convenience Stores will soon be leaving the Midwest and that includes Missouri. Currently, there are 59 Kum & Go locations in the Show-Me State, and all will be closed by the end of 2025.

Why the Closures?

A new Utah-based company called, Maverik, bought the brand from its current owners the Krause family for an estimated transaction of $2 billion. And while the brand has done fairly well with other convenience stores like Casey's Kwik Trip in 2023, Maverik just decided to retire the Kum & Go Brand.

No specific dates on when each location will close, but according to CSP Daily News all will be closed by 2025.  There is good news, all 5,000 employees of the Kum & Go stores will stay on in some capacity with Maverik-owned businesses.

Most of the locations are in the bigger markets like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia so if this store is your favorite to visit when traveling to these cities you may want to go as many times as you can. I've never needed to go to one of these places I always stop at a Quick Trip to get one of their famous slushies (shout out to watermelon).

Wonder if they are going to replace the buildings with another convenience store or not. We will have to wait and see.

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