Love can be expensive especially if you are planning a wedding, but there is good news. If you're planning a wedding in Missouri it won't cost as much as you think.

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The Knot came out together a list of the highest average wedding costs in each state, and Missouri ranks low (which is a good thing). On average a person planning a wedding in 2023 in Missouri will pay anywhere between $20,000-$29,000. Now you're probably thinking, "That's cheap?" Well, if you look at the highest average states like New York and California it is very cheap. Those states on average will cost $40,000 and up to have a wedding...see told ya it's cheap.

Now, $20,000 is still a lot of money don't get me wrong but compared to New York and California I would take that any day. Yes, you can have a wedding anywhere for less than that. I got married 19 years ago and we had the best time and for everything spent less than $5,000. I get that things are more expensive these days but do you really need a 9-piece orchestra to play as you walk down that aisle? Just saying'.

Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

Money says there are several reasons why planning a wedding in this day and age is so expensive.

One of the primary reasons weddings cost so much money is simply because people are willing to spend it, even if it means going over budget. A 2016 survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that nearly two-thirds of the newlyweds who budgeted for their reception said they overspent by at least 20%.

There are some people who go all out for their one day to show how much they are in love with their significant other and if you can afford it by all means go for it. I have been to several weddings some small, small extremely large, and fancy, and to me they are all the same it's just how you decorate and plan. I am sure you can seem like you have a $20,000 wedding, but be on a $5,000 budget. Remember the wedding is just for one day, the marriage is for life.

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