There are so many rules regarding driving, but there is one rule that everyone who drives in Missouri should know. Do you need a front license plate in Missouri?

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Well, you don't get two license plates for anything. In Missouri legally you have to have BOTH plates on the vehicle. One in the front and one in the back, but there are a few exceptions. If you are getting plates for a motorcycle, bus, trailer, and historic vehicle with the year of manufacture plates you only need one license plate on the back.

The Missouri Department of Revenue states,

Each such plate shall be securely fastened to the motor vehicle or trailer in a manner so that all parts thereof shall be plainly visible and reasonably clean so that the reflective qualities thereof are not impaired. Each such plate may be encased in a transparent cover so long as the plate is plainly visible and its reflective qualities are not impaired.


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If you plan on traveling this weekend to grandma's house you will want to make sure both plates are on your car, you don't want to get a ticket. However, most highway patrol officers give warnings and let you know that you have ti have a front plate on your car/truck.

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